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You dread going to work and you feel demoralized, unable to focus or do your best work. While the stress and anxiety it causes can spill over into your personal life.

Stressful work environments can cause depression. They can ruin your career and destroy your confidence and happiness.

If you’re suffering, it’s vital that you get the right support and compile the correct evidence to challenge your abusive workplace.

That’s why we created the M.A.D. Journal.

Created by someone who’s been in your shoes. Someone who’s faced, challenged and overcome a hostile work environment. You’ll find everything you need to help you overcome your hostile work experiences.

So, you can get back to enjoying your life. And start rebuilding your confidence and rediscovering your happiness.

The M.A.D. Book helps you:

  • Document incidents
  • Record problems and hostile situations
  • Get your thoughts down on paper
  • Think clearly about how to deal with the situation
  • Gather evidence to help challenge individuals
  • Create a plan of action and hold yourself accountable

The importance of writing and documenting your experiences, not only means you can gather evidence and think clearly, but you’ll also be clear and confident that you’re in the right, and you’ll begin to realize the patterns and habits of the behavior you’re dealing with are wrong.

This all combines to help you overcome the hostile environment you’re experiencing.

Let the M.A.D. Journal help you take back control of your life. So you can rediscover your love for your career and get back to being the real you.

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