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Workplace Experience Journal

The Workplace Experience Journal provides you with the ability to document and outline experiences in addition to teaching you techniques to overcome them.

The Workplace Experience Journal helps you:

 Describe YOUR experiences

  • Understand challenging situations and problems
  • Don't let your thoughts escape you
  • Make a clear decision about what to do in the situation
  • Assess the evidence to assist in challenging individuals
  • Develop a plan of action will help you be more accountable

 The Workplace Experience Journal helps you document and track your everyday verbal and nonverbal slights, snubs, or insults, intentional or unintentional, that communicate challenging messages.

  In addition to providing a safe space for you to reflect on these experiences, The  Workplace Experience Journal  also provides an opportunity for you to capture examples when you encounter them.

Let The  Workplace Experience Journal  help you take back control of your life. So you can rediscover your love for your career and get back to being the real you and plan for your future


Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Diana W.
Some Getting Used To

This was a new way of doing things for me, but it seemed to work. I am not only dealing with my experiences, I am also outlining my story so when i go to HR, i can clearly piece it all together. Had to place another order just because there was so much going on, I needed more space. Do suggest she makes the books for people with longer stories and more time at work

Chrissy C.
Love IT!

I just got my M.A.D. Diary and this was everything and more! I only wish I had this with my previous jobs, it would have changed my experience sooo much!

Linda S
Great Product!

Love The Microaggrression Diary! A simple life saver!

Working Ok

Using this at home, so I dont have it when I am at work, but it does help when dealing with my co workers.

Chrisopher A.
Good Choice For Women

Got this for my girl after hearing about her boss and coworkers messin wit her. She loved it

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